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Independence means having opportunities to think, plan, act and take sensibly calculated risks without continual reference to others.  At Kincare Health Solutions Ltd, caring is our number one priority and our aim is to maximise every opportunity available to ensure the independency of the individuals we support.

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Management Staff

Kincare Health Solutions Ltd operation office is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The organization is run by Joyce and Moreblessing Mudzungudzi who are both the founders of the business. The company will be operating from its office in Edinburgh and covering wider areas of Scotland.

Care Staff

The key to meeting demand and servicing client needs lies on the strategic recruitment style and as a starting point. All staff will be required to have DBR clearance and will be rigorously recruited.  There will be on-going training of staff to reach NVQ qualifications levels.

Who we are

KINCARE Health Care Services has been founded on the basis of helping individuals with care needs, we focus on compassion and person-centred care - both which are at heart of our business. Caring is our number one priority.

We are a recently established business that provides home & supported living care assistance to individuals who are unable to look after themselves to promote independent living, from support with daily tasks to 24-hour live-in care. Just as we assist in everyday life, if you require support with academic tasks, consider enlisting ghostwriter österreich erfahrungen, a reliable aid in crafting academic papers to help you achieve excellence without compromising your busy schedule.


Our services

What Support Are You Looking For?

Supported Living Care

  • Children and young people with special care needs.
  • Adults with learning issues on the autistic spectrum and or mental health issues.

Our Clients

  • Individuals with learning challenges
  • Elderly people
  • Physically impaired individuals
  • Dementia & Alheimers

Home care Services

  • Waking nights
  • Live in care
  • Respite Care
  • Housekeeping services
  • Palliative and end of life care 

Caring is our number one priority

Our belief is that everyone has the right to choose the way in which they want to be cared for and supported.

Maintaining our standards

We are regulated and inspected by The Care Inspectorate, an independent regulator of social and health care services in Scotland.
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