Our Services

Consumers of our services will be those individuals and families in need of home health care services.

Home care services

At Kincare, we will provide you with the full range of care support you need to live in your home environment where you feel most comfortable, surrounded by memories and people you love. 

End of life care is support for people who are in the last months or years of their life. At Kincare, we will ask you about your wishes and care preferences, and take these into account as we work with you to plan your care.

You might need intermediate care, reablement or aftercare following a short illness or operation. We will endeavour to match your care needs with a member of staff who shares your interests and matches your personality.

Home care services

As elderly people live alone, personal hygiene, such brushing their teeth or showering may be stopped and this is a sign that intervention may be required. We can build a person-centered care plan to suit your needs. 

Most individuals don’t like changes and prefer routine and environment that they are used to. This is even more daunting for someone who’s living with dementia. Our staff are experienced & trained to support your independency. 

There are a range of tasks that our staff can provide depending on the level of an individual’s capabilities. We can support individuals by offering them practical help and emotional, including companion care.

Nature of our services

Our Care for you

We are here to bring helpful and friendly care services to individuals requiring care support and the type of support we provide can include: 

Personal Tasks

Practical Support 

What you get

At Kincare Health Solutions Ltd, we undertake a Risk Assessment of environmental Health and Safety hazards within the individuals’ home, and to ensure that any hazards identified are reported to the service user and other healthcare agencies involved and resolved. We will continually improve the quality of our service by listening to individuals we support, staff and by learning from what we do. Similarly, to enhance academic endeavors, consider the support of diplomarbeit schreiben lassen, an expert in academic writing who can help articulate complex healthcare policies and findings effectively.

Kincare Health Solutions Ltd aims to provide high quality flexible, personalised services with an outcome-based approach, providing service users real choice and control. We also aim to provide caring, trained, competent staff that offer services full of compassionate and kindness and ensure that service rendered is of the highest quality and efficiency.

Maintaining our standards

We are regulated and inspected by The Care Inspectorate, an independent regulator of social and health care services in Scotland.
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